Carol and Sandy Peterson with Sandy's grand-daughter
                                             Which one is your Grandma? 

                                             Grandpa Lyle has his arms full.

Marge's funeral

                                                 Marjorie May Peterson   83 years old

We went to Baker for a four day trip to Marge's funeral. Sept 12, 2015
The first trip we'd been on since moving to Idaho three years ago.  David drove us and we went a day early to rest up.  good thing,  too,  we were wiped out after 6 1/2 hours. But we were glad we went.
none of the pictures were posed,  just snaps at the cemetery mostly. We did have to check in on Grandpa's old shop,  which is now a food co-op.   

I was happy to be able to dress Marge,  I'd never helped with that before.  Carol, Marsh, and Sandy were doing it,  along with  4  grand-daughters (sorry,  I don't know their names.)It was a sacred time to be there.                                                                                                               


The funeral was very nice,  mostly family.  The girls and Bruce all gave good talks,
and Steve gave a wonderful talk about our childhood in Baker,  most of which the kids
and grandkids had never heard.   After the cemetery we had lunch back at the church.

                           Waiting for the prayer.   The Scrivners were there, also Dorothy Jane and hubby

                          Pall bearers leaving their flowers on the coffin

We had Dee in his wheel-chair,  the cemetery ground is so bumpy I had trouble walking. Bruce's wife Ann was so kind to us,  introduced us to all her kids, spent time with Dee. 

This photo was actually posed,  but by someone else,  we just took advantage of the shot.
Back row:  Chris, Eric, Carol, Sandy and Bruce.  Front:  Lyle, Marsha and Linda.  The flowers on the coffin were gorgeous.  The coffin a beautiful light pine  wood.

                                  Allen and Steve   with a few grandkids  I love the farmhouse
                                 and cows in the background,  right next to Grandma and
                                 Grandpa May 

                                    Speaking of which,  we of course had to get a shot of the
                                    big yellow house on Carter Street.  It is prettier than ever. 
                                    The new owners have lots of flowers everywhere.

                                     And of course the big tree is there,  getting taller every year.

                                  Lyle and a bunch of kids and grand-kids.

                                             We were glad Larry and Linda and Sonja came
                                               We also had Linn and Keiko there,  Linn stayed with us
                                               in the motel to help with Dad and give me free time.
                                          But it turned out I was almost more tired than Dee and
                                             didn't do much running around. 

                                         Sonja is such a happy girl,  we hadn't seen her since
                                        we moved.    here visiting with Keiko.

                                      All in all,  we were glad we went,  but hope no one else
                                       dies too soon.   We're still tired.

Remi Jane

I love this shot of Remi and her Mom and Dad taken in the hospital. It reminds me of some of those photos in the Ensign,     pure joy   What a sweet little face


baby poetry

Over the past years,  I've written several poems about babies
I think the first grand-child I was "in" on was Jason.
I felt the veil brush back and forth
as I stood in silent awe
Birth and death so hand in hand
This baby that I saw
come through the strife, so filled with life
I need to hold your hand so tight
You can safely lead me
as I follow through the night
Oh, God sends children to get parents back
to where they're supposed to be
and I, your Grandma, stand in awe
that you're in our family
and I felt eternity
Which is the most miraculous?
the creation of a world
or the blossoming of a flower?
Both have beauty that's unfurled
across the ages,   and the sages search
for answers to God's plan
Which is the most miraculous?
Resurrection of a man
or the hatching out of a golden butterfly?
The sky's its kingdom now
Winging, dipping, on its way  to freedom
Not caring how it changed
Just knowing deep inside that
she'd been given the gift of flight
Which is the most miraculous?
A star coming out at night
or the birthing of a babe?   Oh, God
You are too wonderful to me!
Best of all,  you've given me
the gift that I can see

New babies

We got two new great-grands in July
 This little lady is Remi Jane Sibbert,  daughter of Kelsey and Troy.  She arrived on July 6th, weighing  7 1/2 lbs.  21 inches long.  first baby for them, 2nd grand-daughter for Elaine and Curt
She is all girl
 Then on July 17th  in Valencia, CA. Robert Theodore  arrived,  weighing 8 1/2 lb., first grandchaild for Ruth and Danny Aldridge      son of Charlotte and Robert Shephard.  Don't they look happy?

After a few days, he came home in his new stroller, lots of Aunts and Uncles waiting to hold
These little guys are # 28 and #29  great-grandkids for us.  Totally blessed. As far as I know,
there are no more babies on the way,   but who knows? 

Ruth, Danny and three kids dropped by for a few days in June.  They slept at Karen's, but spent most of the time here.  

                  Dasche always has fun playing on the drums with David. 
                        out in the shop,  where it's quiet. 
and here's the old folks,  probably heading for the Doctor's (or out to eat) 
Grandpa is very dapper with a cane. 

Linn came for a few days,   we caught 3 of the boys at the same time to get a picture with Dad.   It's so good to have these 'men' to help us when we need help,  or just to sit and talk a spell. 

This was Zoey's graduation in Michigan,  Karen got to be there.  

 This of course is from past days,  posted by the Petersons on the Glen May family page.  I had never seen this photo,  but I've seen these people hugging a lot throughout my life.  This was on a trip to Canada, back in better days. 

 Here is Kelsey,  two weeks away from due date,   which I think is next week.  Holding our breath to get that little girl out where we can see her and hold her and give her a hug.   Name already picked out is  Remi.  Very cute 

 Here we were on Memorial day at Rigby Lake,  about 15 minutes from our house.  David likes to fish here,  but this day we just grabbed some sandwiches and Karen and went for a picnic. 

 Karen got to go to Michigan for a week in June,  one main event was graduation for Daniel and Senta's girl  Zoey.  Such a pretty girl,  and we get to have her close in the fall while she's at  BYU-I for school.  Also Jack got his eagle award and she saw end-of-school programs for most of the other 4

We finally got to meet Krista's husband John Muir.  They got married in December, in the Reno temple,  but with school and distance.....They live in Provo where he is attending BYU and she is a nanny.  Nice guy,  we approved.  He plans to be an attorney, with his Dad. (We seem to have a lot of those in the family)

and here is Sister Pearl in New Zealand with her companion.  She is having such a good time and baptisms are coming fast.  What a blessing to our family to have her serving the Lord. Who could say no to these two beautiful girls?  

One day Mark called and said,  "Go   outside and look up.   My friend and I are flying over. your house" .  I grabbed the camera and went out the door and here they came. Many of you have had a chance to ride with his friend,  but this is in his NEW helicopter.   I was amazed how fast it got here,  circled,  and swept in low over the roof.

Karen was working out in her yard and saw it, said later,  "I'll bet that's Mark"   .     One of these days,  I'm going for a ride.   

                                               Joe and Megan were here for a week,  Rowan is constant motion, but
                                                          Karen managed to catch one,  even though blurry   18 months.

Memorial Day week-end,  grabbed Karen and some sandwiches and went to Rigby Lake for a picnic.  This is David's favorite fishing place.   We are so happy summer is on the way

I forgot to add below Scott and Traci's family. Enoch, Natalie, and baby Andrew,   growing up fast like all the rest

Baby update

 When I last posted here,  I ended with all the new babies last year. So I'm starting here with the two babies expected in July 2015.
 Kelsey and Troy are expecting a girl,  and Charlotte and Robert are keeping it a secret even from themselves.  I love surprises. It's a toss up which one will deliver first.
 Troy and Kelsey used to drop in often,  but now they live in Boise.
 This is a selfie of Elaine with Markell and Andre's two oldest. Aika and Archimedes
 And here we have a double shot of Jeff and  Sarah's  Torsten.   Out shopping
 Rowen  (Joe and Meagan's) is 18 months now and running all over. They live in Arkansas, but are here for a visit this week.   
 This was a reunion at Mark's  of his  grand-kids,  all wearing Halloween costumes(plus Jake and Scott           They celebrated every holiday of the year during a 4 day period. .
                      This is Nicole and Braydon's  little Mae,  almost a year.

 This little trio  Riley, Sage, and baby Afton belong to Jake and Jana

 I couldn't resist posting this on with Nicole's home-designed carrying case for Mae

Jackson doesn't have any kids yet,  but he has a gorgeous wife Chelsea and a kitten that the grand-parents found that just matches her hair.   Two cute kittens

So we've had a busy growing year, and I plan to try and keep this blog alive if I can.


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